Do You Think It’s Possible To Love Your Work?

 Are you tired of work that is unfulfilling? Do you have future dreams but don’t have a plan?


This is a whole new way to look at “work”. If you are considering a career change, are concerned about your current job outlook or just questioning the purpose in what you do every day that you call “work”, this is your opportunity.

85% of the process of finding the right career direction comes from looking inward – before you look at where the opportunities are.

This seminar offers a fresh perspective by looking at you first – then the 15% application part comes into view. We start by looking at your Skills, & Abilities, Personality Traits and Values, Dreams & Passions.

Once you understand you, and where you want to go, it gives you a whole different perspective on your opportunities.


In this 6-week seminar you will…

  • Understand what work fits your personality
  • Reduce stress and discouragement in your current job
  • Gain clarity about your calling and produce work that is purposeful and meaningful
  • Discover work that combines your passions, skills & personality

Your seminar kit includes:

  • A copy of 48 Days to the Work You Love” by Dan Miller
  • 48 Days Personality Profile
  • A 260-page Application Guide to walk you through the 48 Days Process
  • Six weeks of Monday meetings with your 48 Days facilitator and a like minded group of passionate people on the same journey.

The seminar will run for 6 weeks  From May 2 – June 13 on Monday evenings from 7-9pm. (Not including the May long weekend) and we will meet at 216 Colborne St W Orillia, ON (Front door – Second floor)

I’m ready to love my my work and fulfill my purpose!

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