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Welcome to Life Coaching

What You Can Expect

Coaching relationships are goal-directed, action-oriented and life-changing experiences.

We will work together to customize our coaching relationship to meet your needs as well as your working and learning styles. As the client, you will set the agenda and direction of our coaching sessions, make the decisions for action and manage your progress.

As your coach, I will manage the coaching process and put all of my skills to work to help you manage your progress.

My role is to provide you with the support you need to: articulate your dreams and desires, clarify your values and purpose, establish goals, set realistic boundaries and achieve those outcomes through accountability as you discover and follow God’s plan for your life.

I will give you my full attention while asking challenging questions to deepen your learning. I will encourage you to explore your options and sometimes I will make requests. You always have the option to accept, modify or reject those requests.

As a reflective listener, I will hear not only your words but also your heart. I will encourage your strengths while being honest, direct and objective about the things that hold you back.

You are highly motivated to grow and make changes in your life. Succeeding in this process requires a commitment of your time, energy and financial resources. You will complete most of your work between our scheduled coaching session

The process of coaching often involves identifying success in 7 different areas of your life. Only after clarifying what “success” means to you can we then proceed. You may be considering coaching because:

  • You are searching for your unique “purpose” or “calling”
  • You haven’t identified your core personality traits and how to embrace and leverage them
  • There has been some unexpected or unwelcome change in your life
  • You are committed to accelerating your success
  • You want to improve meaningful relationships in your life
  • You need course correction or have never been sure of purposeful direction

Coaching Options

Option 1

Get Started [$95/session]

This option allows you to schedule sessions one at a time. Each session is @ 50 minutes in length; via phone call or in person at my Orillia office.

Option 2

Get Moving [$150/mo]

 This option allows you two (2) sessions @ 50 minutes in length over the course of 1 month; via phone call or in person at my Orillia office.

Guidelines for Success

The following guidelines will help to make our working relationship as productive as possible.   

  • Procedure: Before our first session, you will receive a Welcome Package that will include, an Introduction Letter, an Information Profile, and Coaching Agreement.
  • Scheduled sessions need to begin on time agreement includes a set number of scheduled calls/sessions. We will schedule these at mutually agreeable times and you will call me on my private line (or come to the office) at the appointed time, as arranged in advance. We can also meet in person at neutral location if you prefer ie cafe or restaurant.
  • Changes: Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours in advance. If you have a valid emergency causing you to miss a call/session, we will work around it. Otherwise, missed calls are neither made up nor refunded.
  • Extra Time: You may contact me between scheduled calls by email if you have questions, struggles, thoughts, reports, etc. I will respond to emails as soon as possible.
  • Fees: Payment is made via Paypal and is billed two business days +/- prior to each month unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
  • Code of Ethics: I acknowledge and agree to honour the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics ( re: professional conduct, confidentiality, and conflicts of interest.
  • Problems/Praise: Our relationship needs to be based on absolute honesty with each other. If at any time you are dissatisfied with something, please bring it up. I will work with you to resolve any difficulties. By the same token, if you are satisfied, please do let me know that, too, and pass it on!
  • Follow-through: It is very important that you apply yourself if coaching is to be successful. Our work will sometimes be very purposeful, goal directed, and dependent on you doing whatever “homework” you commit to do. Your real growth will come from the work you do following up on our calls. 

Ready to begin? 

To schedule your first appointment and receive your welcome package, or if you have any questions at all please fill out the form below:

I will respond to your communication ASAP.