About Page

I am a husband, father of two and life coach and until earlier this year, I served as a pastor for the past 15 years.






My life took a turn in early 2014. It wasn’t a dramatic change at the time,  I simply began asking questions about myself and my life.  Up to that point I had enjoyed various ministry roles including the church I was serving at, Connexus Community Church. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, now 26 years and a 20 year old daughter and 18 year old son.

My family life was good and my ministry was meaningful. I have watched our children grow into amazing young adults. I have also enjoyed the privilege of serving in 3 great churches, as well as counselling in private practice. Yet, I began to ask questions about my own future; believing that my best years were in front of me. Did I want to stay in my current role? Was there something else for me to do? With my children now young adults, perhaps my options were changing.


Why life coaching?

To help me process these and other questions I enlisted the help of a life coach. And for the past eighteen months she has been coaching me through this process. It’s been an incredible journey together.

As we considered my personality, skills and passions she suggested, “Why don’t you do what I am doing.” That is when I began to explore the world of life coaching.

Then a detour. Early this year, my wife and I left our jobs to open a cafe – Em’s Cafe in Coldwater, Ontario. Operating a cafe was something we began talking about 15 years ago; it was only now that the pieces were coming together for it to become a reality. And May 1, 2015, we opened Em’s Cafe and we are 5 months into this new adventure.

Perhaps you are at a place of transition or possible change. I’ve been there…I’m still there and I know what it’s like to

  • ask hard questions about the future,
  • consider making changes while others question it
  • believe that change was needed but uncertain about where to start or what it would mean for my family
  • leave the security of a job and paycheque to follow after a dream.
  • face the fear of the unknown

My passion is helping others find theirs. I believe each one of us is uniquely gifted through our personalities, abilities and passions, hopes and dreams and that it’s never too late to make the changes necessary to live your life to the fullest.

That’s what this site and life coaching is about. Helping you overcome the barriers and obstacles and taking the steps necessary to live the life you want to live. I’ll be 50 later this year and I believe my best years are in front of me and I believe they are for you as well.

If that is you, then you’re in the right place. Welcome.