Halftime…So Much More Than Orange Slices

Growing up I played a lot of soccer and I really enjoyed the game. I had some great coaches too, some who went above and beyond to ensure I grew as a player and a person. But one thing I didn’t really like at all was halftime.

To me halftime was simply an interruption from doing what I loved to do…run…pass…and score goals. I dreaded when the referee blew his whistle after 45 minutes…it was such a let down.

To make matters worse (life was so hard being 10) invariably, one of the parents was scheduled for the snack. The infamous orange slices. I didn’t like orange slices…but there they were, every game, ruining my beloved activity.

The reason?

They made my fingers sticky. Yup, that’s it. I didn’t like playing the second half with sticky fingers. (I was also the kid who would come inside from playing, to wash my hands, only to go out again to play). Apparently I didn’t mind getting dirty but I liked being clean even more.

Because of that, I usually passed on the orange slices…they just weren’t worth it.

The Benefits of Halftime

While I didn’t appreciate the value of halftime as a kid, today I do.

Here in Canada we just celebrated our 150th birthday as a country, July 1. (And Happy 4th of July to my American friends) So basically, we are half way through the year. A great time to pause, not only to celebrate this wonderful country we have the privilege of living in, but to to take advantage of a halftime break.

In sports, halftime is about so much more than just eating orange slices…it’s about

  • Resting
  • Reviewing the game plan
  • Revelling in what is working
  • Recognizing what isn’t working
  • Revising a game plan for the second half

So as we begin the second half of the year, we can do the same, on a personal level.

5 Keys To Make the Most of the Second Half


How did you celebrate the long weekend? Maybe BBQ is your thing or a boat cruise on the lake. Whatever it is, I hope you had time to rest from your typical routine. But beyond that, are you taking care of yourself in a way that sets you up for success moving forward. Half way through the year are you exhausted or energized?

How are you managing your time and your energy?

What do you need to do to get back in the game?


What did you set out to do when the year began? Are you closer to your goals or farther away? What progress have you made this year? How is your life different than it was back in January or a year ago? What have you accomplished in this year? Consider your career, your personal development, your marriage, your family.

Are your relationships stronger… than they were 6 months ago?

Are your finances in better shape than they were 6 months ago?

Are you in better shape than you were 6 months ago?

Are you making progress in your career from 6 months ago?


Celebrate the progress you have made…in your marriage, your family, your career and your personal growth. Take the time to express your gratitude to God and to those closest to you. And hey, it’s halftime…have some orange slices (if you’re into that kind of thing).

What are you grateful for?

Who are you grateful for?

Who are you grateful to?


Not every game plan works or goes according to plan. Where have things come up short? What didn’t work out like you hoped it would? Why do you think that is?

What hasn’t worked?

What can you learn?


When you look ahead to December 31, what do you hope to accomplish between now and then? What problem do you hope to resolve? What project do you want to complete?

What are the steps you will need to take to get there? Who do you need in your corner to help you finish the year strong?

See, halftime is so much more than orange slices and sticky fingers. It’s about resting, reviewing, revelling, recognizing and revising.

Take advantage of this year’s halftime…then get back in the game and play hard.

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2 thoughts on “Halftime…So Much More Than Orange Slices

  1. How was my long weekend ? We were on our way to the Jays game on the Go Train, there was a fatality on the tracks so the train stopped. It was quite chaotic so we headed home instead and gave a stranded passenger a ride to Woodstock. Then the following night our dog got skunked !
    Chinny up ! Time to reset !

    • Wow! Not the weekend you hoped for Maria, but I’m guessing one you own’t forget for a long time. It was great to see you earlier this week. Thanks so much for visiting the cafe. Hope your dog is smelling better too 🙂