Is Pursuing Your Dreams Selfish?

Last week we wrapped up a 5-part series called, “5 Keys To Living Your Best Life Now” and I have received a lot of feedback, comments and questions. And today I would like to address a great question I was asked recently.

In my conversation with this particular individual I could see she was struggling with the basic premise of the series of blog posts I had written. Eventually she was able to ask the question that was troubling her,

“Isn’t it selfish to focus our attention on pursuing a better life?”

She went on to say that there seems to be a lot of attention (through articles and books etc) given to pursuing our dreams, living our passions and striving for more. “Everywhere I turn I see the same questions. Are you following your passions, living your dreams.” And to her, this seems to be a selfish way to live. And apparently my blog posts were adding to her frustration.

I think this is a great question. Is it selfish to focus our attention on what we want, who we want to be, and what we want to accomplish in our lives? Is is selfish to want to live your best life now?


To me it comes down to motivation. The why? Let me illustrate. A few years ago, after coming in from cutting the lawn, my son asked me why I spend so much time on cutting the grass. (I didn’t think I was out there that long).

I explained by saying that besides the enjoyment of working outdoors and working up a sweat in the sun (a pre-requisite to jumping in the pool) taking care of the things we have is important. We have a lawn so we should care for it; cut it, fertilize it and water it. (I have to admit I rarely do the that last one).


I believe that each of us is called to steward what we have. To mange it and take care of it. As a Christian, I believe God has given us specific things to manage during our lifetime.

  • I have a home. So we must care for it…which is why we put a new roof on it last fall (I didn’t want to but our home needed one).
  • I have a car. So I got an oil change last week as part of it’s regular maintenance. Why? Because that’s what a car needs to keep it running.
  • I worked out this morning. Why? Because I enjoy a measure of health and I don’t want to squander it by being sedentary. Plus, taking care of myself will impact the other areas of my life.

Stewardship Beyond Your Possessions

God has created us and uniquely designed us with our personalities, passions, skills & abilities, personal experiences, preferences, and aspirations. As we gain clarity around those things I think we have an obligation or better, the opportunity to steward them. So for me, pursuing my best life now is hopefully not a selfish endeavor but a matter of stewarding who God has made me to be.

In an earlier post I shared 3 reasons why we should pursue our dreams you can read about them here

Here’s the thing; it’s not about getting more or making more…it’s about being more. It’s about being the best version of who God created us to be. That may be a lifelong pursuit but for me it’s a most worthwhile one.

  • You are unique
  • Your life is meant to impact others
  • Clarity about who you are, will impact who you become
  • Others need you
  • Your life is not your own, but meant to be lived for the sake of others.
  • Striving to reach your potential is a never-ending journey that honours the One who made you.

A Different Question

Earlier I shared the question, “Is it selfish to pursue your best life now?” A valid question for sure, but I’d like to suggest another.

Is it selfish NOT to pursue your best life now?

If each of us have been a measure of, health, financial resources, relationships, work, and also skills & abilities, a particular personality style, passions and dreams…would it not be selfish not to make the most of them? What is the alternative? To simply accept where we are with no thought to how we can grow, get stronger or get better seems selfish to me.

If you are a Pittsburgh Steeler fan than you know who Martavis Bryant is. Martavis is a wide receiver for the Steelers and has incredible talent. He made one of the most amazing catches you will ever see, this past season. Unfortunately, he failed a second drug test and is now suspended for the entire upcoming season. I feel terrible for Martavis and I hope he gets the help and guidance he needs to change the direction his life is going currently. He has incredible skills and opportunities to display them on the football field. But some poor choices and personal problems will keep him on the side line.

It’s not about getting more, it’s about being more

What would it mean to you and those around you, if you saw your health, your relationships, your finances, your family and your work, as gifts and opportunities that need attention, to be cared for and developed? That’s true stewardship. That’s a worthy pursuit. That’s living your best life now.

So how about it?

Are you living your best life now? Or are you delaying making the changes you know you want to make?

What changes would make the biggest difference for you and why? What is stopping you from making those changes and making them now?


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