5 Benefits of a Life Coach

And Why I Have One

John is an accountant who works for a large firm. He has enjoyed a lot of success, earning a significant income and his future at the company seems bright. He lives in a comfortable home in a nice neighbourhood and enjoys a stable family life with his wife and three children. John is active in his church, enjoys good health and worries about very little.

John is also miserable. His life is so busy that he never seems to have time to relax or to reflect on where his life is at or where it’s going. Solitude or meaningful activities are elusive and he tires of the treadmill he finds himself on. In a word, he feels “stuck”.


You may know someone like John, in fact you may be like John. You are enjoying a measure of success in your career and family life but you have this nagging feeling that there might be more to life. You can’t put your finger on it but you feel dissatisfied with where you are at. What do you do when you feel stuck? Where do you turn?

What is Life Coaching?

In the 1500″s the word Coach described a horse-drawn carriage designed to “take people from where they were to where they wanted to be.”



Today, coaches are not just for elite athletes. Most of us have benefitted from a coach at one time or another whether it be an athletics coach in high school, a nutritional coach, fitness coach, financial coach or public-speaking coach…the list goes on and on.

People come for coaching because they want something to change; they want something to be different. Coaching is about making changes. For many change is intimidating and difficult to do on our own.

  • Coaches walk with people through life transitions and other change.
  • Coaches facilitate communication and better relationships.
  • Coaches stimulate vision
  • Coaches enable people to set and reach goals.
  • Coaches speak truth in love
  • Coaches facilitate improvement

The goal of coaching is to leave each person being coached, with

  • increased self-confidence,
  • clearer direction and
  • greater fulfillment than he or she would have had otherwise.


“Coaching is the art and practice of enabling individuals to move from where they are to where they want to be.” Gary Collins


5 Benefits of a Life Coach?

  1. Clarity. A life coach will help you gain clarity on your values, life purpose and goals.  setting your goals with a clear plan of action to reach those goals. Coaching is more than talk, it’s action.
  2. Action. Closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be, takes action. A life coach will help you determine the necessary steps you want to take to accomplish your goals.
  3. Vision. A life coach will have your back and your blindspots. You don’t go it alone.
  4. Confidence. There are many ways that we limit and hold ourselves back.  There are things that we want to do, but often aren’t doing simply because we don’t have the belief or confidence in ourselves. A life coach gives you a stronger sense of belief and self-confidence.
  5. Accessibility. A life coach offers a relationship not limited by location. My coach lives in Atlanta, GA. We have been working together for 18 months now but the distance has not hindered our work together. In fact it just gets better and better. Life coaching can be done in person  but also by telephone or the internet.

Hiring a life coach has been one of the most important decisions I’ve made. She has helped gain clarity around the changes I wanted to make in my life, and the plan to reach my goals.

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